About after life and about Fermat

A soul is partly made of thoughts.

Thoughts are mathematical waves.

Brain waves are something else.

Anything mathematical is eternal (“non-perishable”).

Thus souls are immortal.

Afterlife is for souls, not for bodies.

For the first time in the History of mankind afterlife
is proven to exist in some way.

With afterlife being no more a matter of faith, there
is a new intellectual horizon.

Fermat (1601-1665) did have a proof for Fermat Last

which was not found because of an intellectual planet
Middle Age

since half a century ago.

Fermat Proof is given in the first chapter.

Adib Ben Jebara. (Tunis, Tunisia)

Book : A philosophy for
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About after life and about Fermat

A soul is partly made of thoughts.

Thoughts are mathematical waves.

Brain waves are something else.

Anything mathematical is eternal (“non-perishable”).

Thus souls are immortal.

Afterlife is for souls, not for bodies.

For the first time in the History of mankind afterlife
is proven to exist in some way.

With afterlife being no more a matter of faith, there
is a new intellectual horizon.

Fermat (1601-1665) did have a proof for Fermat Last

which was not found because of an intellectual planet
Middle Age

since half a century ago.

Fermat Proof is given in the first chapter.

Adib Ben Jebara.

A philosophy for scientists.(text before revision)

A philosophy for mathematicians and physicists

I published “About a time not totally ordered” in WSEAS conference MCSS’15 in Dubai, 22 February 2015 (brochure).
WSEAS : world science and engineering academy and society.
MCSS’15 : mathematical computational and statistical sciences 2015.

A philosophical approach to Fermat Last Theorem
Fermat did not make public his proof for two reasons :
it was only an outline of a proof and he was not satisfied with it (some case missing),
it would have been considered blasphemous by the Church because of some infinite not existing.
He would have had the same problem as Galileo Galilei.

Equation of Fermat :
Considering the equation
with infinite products
and considering
countable axiom of choice for at most y elements sets
we assume 5<=x<=y
C(2 through y)
something which exists equal to something which does not exist (z.z.z…..z…..)
the equation has no solution.
Does it imply that the finite equations for n>= 5 have no solutions ?
Intuitively, for me, it is the case.
The relation between finite and infinite has to be investigated according to
Godel theorem that we are always in need of new axioms.
The disjoint union of a Cartesian product of a set (of a number of
elements >=5) a number of times >=5 and of another (OF greater
CARDINALITY) set the same number of times being OF THE SAME CARDINALITY
THAN a Cartesian product of a third set the same number of times MAKES :
the equality of the sum of the two cardinalities of the two first infinite Cartesian products with the
cardinality of the third infinite product holds.
(for a set theoretical proof)
Mr Andreas Blass wrote in 2002 about a complication for x,y and z integers less than 5 in :
After centuries of research, we should have thought that a new axiom is needed for Fermat Last Theorem.
The creativity of Fermat should not be doubted.
The proof of Fermat used an equation with infinite products.
It is completed by a set theoretical explanation.
I am the author of « An axiom to settle the continuum hypothesis ? »Logic Colloquium 2004 (by title).

Philosophical dialogues
Objectives : what if thoughts are not physical waves but mathematical
waves ?
Methodology is to start from the vision below.
Theory : afterlife is for souls and not for bodies.
Results/Conclusions : The immortality of souls is a conclusion but religions are wrong.
There was also no creation of the universe but one universe appearing after the other in all

Philosophical dialogue in 2211
The soul : I am receiving your telepathic transmission with my name but it is of a poor quality…
Who are you ?
The telepath : I am a living one from 2211. I received a special new training. I learned English.
The soul : I am the soul of Albert Lautman who died in 1944. Do you know that souls communicate telephatically between them ?
the telepath : There is a theory about that. There is also a theory that
souls are in parallel times and only thoughts can travel until them.
The soul : Only the souls who participated in the Good of Plato are here, the others are not.
The telepath : Any purgatory ?
The soul : I do not know.
The telepath : I am tired, let us have a break.
The soul : Here you are again.
The telepath : People are asking me questions. Do you live forever ? What do you do ? Do you get bored ?
The soul : I will live until the next Big Crunch after an infinite time. I build theories and communicate with others.
The telepath : Those who are not theoricians, what do they do ?
The soul : They learn to be theoricians.
The telepath : Tell me about one of your theories.
The soul : I have about philosophical entities and the axiom of choice alternating with its negation.
The telepath : With the negation of the axiom of choice, Evil will be
weakened, according to Adib Ben Jebara, its number of attributes
The soul : Not forever, a new Dark Age will occur. What is difficult to
know is at what time. You are coming out of a Dark Age with all your
science. People became interested in the unusual capabilities of the
The telepath : How can Good and Evil act ?
The soul : They receive thoughts and send proposals of acts. Otherwise, may be they are out of reach because infinite.
The telepath : Do the soul appear right after death ?
The soul : Yes.
Philosophical dialogue in 2221
The telepath : I established contact with you, Mr. soul of Albert
Lautman, 10 years ago and dialogued with you and we communicated a lot
of theories to philosophers and scientists and philosophers-scientists.
They are publishing about them, writing that they got ideas through me and you and from what soul.
Philosophy have gained ground on religion, occultism, fiction, politics and sciences.
The level of development increased, philosophy and science being critical for development.
The soul : But philosophy is losing ground to mathematics.
And people are not succeeding to contact souls because their calling (predestination) as a telepath is not strong enough.
The telepath : When you entered the picture, what was there is that
teaching some rethorics made minds narrow with imaginary
Slaughter of brains deprived individuals of creativity. As you said we are going out of a Dark Age.
The soul : It just happens that what is missing is theory. The
technics are developed anyway even if new technics are appearing.I
started with Herbrand, Galileo, Leibniz and then some
others who know about going out of a Dark Age.
The telepath : With the advances of science and philosophy, people start to believe what happened between you and me.
The soul : You know, a Dark Age comes with researchers all cast in a same mold.
The telepath : I think that 20% of the researchers make 80% of the research.
When there are discoveries, the articles are short.

Souls are mathematical entities (revised) ?
This is about souls of dead people.
I think like Plato that mathematics exist outside our heads, in a non physical Sky.
Souls are changing sets of thoughts thus partly mathematical entities thus immortal.
There is a doubt from some people about their existence.
Souls change with a time which is a mathematical time, a counting.
I think that thoughts are not physical waves.
Mathematics gains ground on Dialectic.
This thesis is a new step in the Galilean revolution with God mathematician.
It has not been long since the churches of the western world have had a setback.
A soul is a set of infinite sets of thoughts. Thoughts are sets of mathematical waves.
Souls should have a spiritual part for reading thoughts from the Sky and composing thoughts for the Sky.
Spiritual is not necessarily mathematical.
Souls are mathematical entities up to a point.
I think that mathematics are part of Good which is like a Sun which can
be seen from everywhere, with an infinite speed for the sight.
I thank Mr. David Barnett for his comments.
About souls and brains
Energy is needed for maintaining the brain and not for the thoughts to occur.
The link between brain and soul may be broken without the soul disappearing.
Indeed, thoughts and parts of souls are mathematical.
However, maintaining the brain does increase the number of ideas but the
infinity within the soul makes the difference, a soul being mainly a
changing infinite set of thoughts.
I think that mathematicians are better than others for reading thoughts.
They read them from mathematical waves which are in the mathematical
Every thought is a mathematical wave and go to the mathematical sky.
Souls deal with thoughts and nothing else.
The mathematical sky is overcrowded.
About souls and infinity
Thoughts are mathematical entities.
Thoughts are not physical waves.
Parts of souls are thoughts,
thoughts are mathematical,
mathematics are eternal,
thus souls are eternal.
Some souls have an infinite ability to have thoughts and some do not have it.
Souls who have an infinite ability to have thoughts can resist Evil
and after being separated from the body will go on having thoughts for
an infinite time.
Souls who do not have the ability will go outside space and time after being separated from the body and be confined.
Souls who have innovative thoughts are likely to have an infinite ability to have thoughts.
Souls who have an infinite ability to have thoughts have an infinite
spiritual energy which is part of the Good of the Sky of Ideas of Plato.
There is a fundamental indeterrminism about souls, it can be reduced but not removed
During their life, people who do bad deeds have less pride and are therefore hampered in
their life.
That it would happen is a probablistic law.
A probabilistic law is somehow a lack of law ?
The probabilities of self-punishment could change and become higher if cultures change.
About thoughts and the Mathematical sky
Thoughts are mathematical waves.
Some mathematical waves already exist in the Mathematical Sky and some appear when a thought occur to someone.
Evil thoughts, which are substrates of thoughts, do not appear in the
Mathematical Sky as the Mathematical Sky is part of the Sky of Ideas.
Some mathematical waves move to the front of the Mathematical Sky, if they already exist, whenever the thoughts occur.
Does the subconscient play a part in mathematical intuition ?
I think that the one that will provide a set theoretical proof of
Fermat Last Theorem will provide a mathematical basis for solving
philosophy problems.
A challenge to the philosophy academic world ?
But there can be no certainty, may be a conjecture is needed.
Self punishment relates to suicide and to medicine and is leading to a paradox.
The problem with paradoxes is that it sometimes takes a lifetime to
go from one to the next, we need some other mathematical culture or
basis or background.
The idea of fermat being the genius versus our supermen is most important.
My philosophy is a philosophy for solving problems, once it is done
we can move but there cannot be heaven on earth just less evil.
We should avoid caffouillage (French word)
So with you there is the problem of people without enough background
in mathematics or history of mathematics background; can you improve on
philosophy of mind without much ?
I have ready released my philosophy in Google search with Adib Ben Jebara first blog.
Mathematicians are starting to benefit from it.
It will be updated
From Godel theory I deduce that there will be no end to the struggling of geniuses.
May be category theory may produce a new problematic.
People are postponing everything because of the so called ethics
You are like the “honest man” of the 18th century in France (we should be moving from 17th century to the next in our thinking).
I think History has a bipolar disorder (psychiatry), it is now hypo-manic.
I am afraid it could get depressive as revolutions could fail.
I am receiving mail about someone who wants to give money; 99% are bogus
what is the one which is not ? I wonder.
Intellectual cyclones are gathering and will hit.
Even if you stay at home, it is risky.
Linguists are going to say that intellectual hurricanes are not coming.
I have psycho-analyzed the collective mind and auto-psycho-analyzed myself.
I am in the eye of the hurricane.
I gave Mr. Blass an outline of a proof in 1994 and 1999, and he did not
see that the century failed to produce it, but he commented.
I put it in internet forums and someone wrote it was rubbish.
I went to Poland and it was useless
Statistical control of processes :
« pour que le processus soit reconnu capable, il faut remettre en cause la prise en compte de certaines limites ».
Next, we update the blog with our correspondence “avec des petites retouches”.
The right time is when ?
Could some one who is not lacking sleep do it instead of me ? Before it is hacked.
Meanwhile may be you can contact a newspaper.
State secrets :
what part did the china representative (“envoyé”) in the missiles (fusées) crisis of cuba in the sixties ?
what part did the French mathematician Roland Fraissé and the Russian
academicians play in the crisis of the USSR in the eighties ?
[The following part is about how I neared the proof]
Equation of Fermat :
Considering the equation with infinite products
and considering
countable axiom of choice for at most y elements sets
we assume 5<=x<=y
C(2 through y)
something which exists equal to something which does not exist
the equation has no solution
Does it imply that the finite equations for n>= 5 have no solutions ?
Intuitively, for me, it is the case.
Adib Ben Jebara (Tunis, Tunisia).
“About the genius of Fermat”,
see :

Thoughts on the side
There is an afterlife but for souls, not bodies.
Souls are made partly of thoughts.
Thoughts are mathematical waves.
What is mathematical is eternal.
[A little disordered thoughts :]
Light waves are physical entities but photons are not, they are probably mathematical entities.
They say a wing move of an insect produces a storm in another part of
the world, I say a wing move of an insect sometimes produces a storm in
another part of the world.
May be the problem is the timing.
Traps everywhere !
Do not believe the rumors.
« L’attelage des sciences fondamentales va nous sortir de l’ornière » (french).
I am the sand speck who made the hellish machine go out of the railways.
In USA there is a pressure to buy which is a little madness.
Telepathy is instantaneous except that it takes time to compose a thought.
Behaviors are explained by :
genes (parents), genes (chance), chance and choices.
Researches do not make comments because they dislike uncertainty or for fear of being wrong
or for not giving importance to someone.
I think that Evil exists by itself and not as a lack of Good.
The main advantage of bureaucracy is to allow some people to climb
the social ladder.
Mathematicians are waiting for someone to come up with an axiom from an intuition, I did and they do not recognize it.
I introduce as a conjecture that for 5<=x<=y
x.x.x……+y.y.y…..=z.z.z…………… has no solution
x^n+y^n=z^n has no solution for n>=5
May be a new axiom is needed to prove that.
Excerpt from « All things are numbers (continuation)”, abstract from
the Logic Colloquium 2002 published in the Bulletin of Symbolic Logic :
The equation with infinite products zzz…z…=xx…x…+yy…y… with z>y
has no solution in the universe where only the restricted axiom CC(2
through x) is true. It is because otherwise the infinite products xx…x…
and yy…y… exist but not zzz…z… and we cannot have a side of the equation
existing and the other not.
Mr. Andreas Blass proved that such a statement holds for integers >=5.
He made difficult statements for when the integers are smaller.
That what I wrote in 2002 went unnoticed except by Mr. Andreas Blass
proves that mathematicians of nowadays are not addressing interesting
The relation between finite and infinite has to be investigated according to
Godel theorem that we are always in need of new axioms.
For what Mr. Andreas Blass wrote, see
Since space and time are mathematical entities, I proved the negation of the
axiom of choice.
Still waiting for an intuition from a Superman ?
For a discussion about Fermat Last Theorem, please see :
A previous universe ended up in a Big Crunch followed by a Big Bang
and it was the same for the one before and before and so on in all
There was no creation of the universe.
I interpret the hunting of the Snark of Lewis Caroll as a hunting for victory.
If you will see
you will find that time is not totally ordered for elementary particles of physics.
I am known by some polish mathematicians from an article of 2004 which took me a little
time to write (about the Continuum Hypothesis).
I am doing the researches Jacques Herbrand would have done had he lived longer.
Main researchs :
-Numbers of attributes of Evil.
-Continuum Hypothesis.
-Big Crunch of a previous universe.
-Lateral time for elementary particles of physics.
-Space and time mathematical entities.
-Philosophical blog.

Let us consider the following statement :
The disjoint union of a Cartesian product of a set (of a number of
elements >=5) a number of times >=5 and of another (greater) set
the same number of times being a Cartesian product of a third set the
same number of times makes the infinite Cartesian products being unique
Could the statement be an axiom of set theory ?
Reply from Mr. Andreas Blass :
Dear Mr.
No, the statement you proposed cannot be used, in its present form,
as an axiom, because it is not formulated with enough precision. For
example, you probably meant that the disjoint union that you mentioned
and the third cartesian product have the same cardinality (i.e., that
they are in one-to-one correspondence), not that they are the same (as
you wrote). Where you wrote « greater », you probably meant « of greater
cardinality », not, for example, just a superset. Finally, it is not
clear to me what is meant by the final part, about making some products
being unique sets.

Andreas Blass
Reply from me :
Thank you very much for your message.
I will try to think about it although I am very sick from an acute bronchitis.
Another reply from me :
I am pleased that you seem to understand what I am up to.
I am up to a customized [custom-made] axiom.
I would like to call it an extrapolation axiom.

Now that I’ve glimpsed a demonstration of Fermat’s theorem
which would be satisfactory, I do not really want to put (it) in the
appropriate way, it is my defect to want to move on to something else
constantly, but anyway I am hesitating.
There are advantages in believing in an afterlife.
Projecting the ambition for an afterlife in life itself makes life richer.
Material comfort does not bring a true satisfaction.
It is not even true that the lack of material comfort always hampers intellectual production.
How is posterity related to afterlife ? That is a good question.
May be a mathematical theory will be discovered which will make the
present developments unnecessary, like geometry of the conics is made
unnecessary by algebraic geometry.
I would like very much to know the answer to such a question, as set theory is only a little of such a theory.
In my researchs on the axiom of choice, total negation of the axiom
seems as true as the partial negation which is anyway a particular
variable case.
It is complicated.
The disjoint union of a Cartesian product of a set (of a number of
elements >=5) a number of times >=5 and of another (OF greater
CARDINALITY) set the same number of times being OF THE SAME CARDINALITY
THAN a Cartesian product of a third set the same number of times MAKES :
the equality of the sum of the two cardinalities of the two first
infinite Cartesian products with the cardinality of the third infinite
product holds.

There is something rotten in the western world applauding the Tunisian constitution
forbidding to criticize religion.

To Mr David Barnett :
You are one among one thousand people who does not seek job security as a researcher, but
the truth.
There are not rivers of honey in paradise but something else.
So the Quran (book of Islam) is wrong (obsolete).
May be most mathematicians do not know the meaning of the phrase
‘mathematical philosophy ‘. It should be a full time activity but it is
done on a dirty draft.
And philosophy is sometimes considered as poetry.
That is why nowadays good mathematicians are not great mathematicians.
Our age will be known as the age of overspecialization and lack of geniuses.
I experienced internet forums being a waste of time because of bullies.
Fighting the system gives me ideas of suicide because I might be taken into account after 10
years, which does not fit me.
One has to seek loneliness like Kurt Godel the great logician.
Let us say that spiritual energy is what is used by a soul to participate to Good.

It can be infinite and eternal.
I wrote somewhere that souls need to be infinite to resist Evil which is infinite.
Are souls potentially infinite or actually infinite ?
Beginning of September 2014, Europment and WSEAS, two conferences organizers, refused an
article of mine.
They think mathematics are calculations without ideas.
Some philosophy : what could be a philosophical interpretation of the proof of Fermat Last Theorem
is that God is mysterious and not all powerfulness.
However, the proof may be compatible with some Christian ideas.

The proof of Andrew Wiles of Fermat Last Theorem is ugly.
It reflects our world which is ugly since more than half a century.
There is a possibility to consider that spiritual energy does not cease to exist with death.
Spiritual energy is related to mathematics via thoughts which are mathematical entities.
Thoughts do no vanish.
So, spiritual energy which produces thoughts does also not vanish.
Philosophical culture nowadays is like a knife which does not cut.
I think that Fermat was the greatest mathematician of all times and a philosopher.
I think from an idea of Alexandre Koyré that the Middle Age in Europe was a step for assimilating the
For the mathematical infinite, it is still not done.
One has to step back in order to do it.

In a contribution to Logic Colloquium 2001, I wrote that I think that God is the set of laws of Nature
and of Ethics.

Censorship :
May be I was censored because of
“God is mysterious and not all powerfullness”;
or may be because of
“they think that mathematics are calculations without ideas”;
or may be because of
“the proof of Andrew Wiles of Fermat Last Theorem is ugly”;
and may be not because of « So the Quran (Book of Islam) is wrong (obsolete)
Anyway to hell with not offending religious feelings while so many people are starving.
Anyway, my mathematical research was hampered by religious thoughts.
Religion is a crutch but also a danger for science.
I think that modern science was embryonic with Fermat with some intellectual horizon.
If the amendment to the United States constitution about freedom of
speech does not apply with webs.com, then it has become a joke.
Is a machine of Turing a mathematical entity ?

(french) »Les pays développés ont appris la langue de bois des pays sous développés».

The word deism is made dirty by sects, my proposal is the word theism.

« Un mauvais tournant a été pris il y a 50 ans avec l’absence de penseurs».

A problem of our age is a lead time which is too short or too long.

The too much importance given to the work of Paul J. Cohen is from the Sionist lobby acting.

Genius can be learned by reading Descartes.
Sometimes the members of juries of prizes are people who are not up to the task.
It seems to me that the validity of Islam is like the validity of the axiom of choice.

A doubtful proof should have been a matter of high priority, especially as the number of doubtful
proofs is or should be small.
I think that “fundamentalists” is not a good word for “islamists”.
Some centuries ago, it was recognized that Chance (randomness) is a part of God
without the idea being stated clearly, and the opposite sometimes thought.
Chance is part of the progress of science and philosophy.
The coming of Islam brought some prosperity which helped the devellopment of science only
some 150 years later.
Let us be reminded that Giordano Bruno was burned alive by the Church for saying that space
(or the universe ? ) is infinite.
To be a theist, you have to believe that there are rather simple laws of Nature and of integers.
I have a right to a letter to the editor of Science Advances to be published as interesting.
That is deduced from the amendment to the U.S. constitution about the freedom of speech,
but who cares ?
We are in a world where the procedure is king and where there is no processus.
Everywhere there is a storm in a glass of water or else a deterioration of the situation.
The foreign policy of the United States has no principle since about 50 years.

In Tunisia, the revolution was confiscated by the islamist party Ennahdha and, now, there is counter revolution.
It is becoming obvious that the best government is what is called a technocrats government.

I was a dissident the tunisian way.
Now, I develloped an intellectual war weapon.
It is a war against sophists in mathematics, physics and philosophy.
The weapon is from Fermatian philosophy against Kantian and Nietzschean philosophy among others.

Let the philosophers of the developing countries get what Léon Brunschvicg called the
European mind and which is the good part of the european philosophy.

The big bosses in Tunisia have a Kantian philosophy which is not even explicit.
It is the worst thing that it is not explicit.

The people of United Nations Organization talk about ethics but they
are cheaters who claim they are solving problems. The people of the
International Monetary Fund and of the
World Bank wish well but have a dogmatic thinking.

Economy and sociology should be mainly part of History.
Ibn Khaldoun was not a great philosopher.
Humanism is better than nationalism.
To devote himself to a party is a Leninist idea.
Electoralism does not guarantee anything.
The major event of this last 50 years is the end of the nuclear obsession in USSR.
The obsession exists elsewhere and is from paranoia.

The pragmatic philosophy is a philosophy for selfish people.
Epicurism does not yield achievements.
This text is a lampoon, pamphlet in French.
There are some lampoons written in France but may be not in United Kingdom and in the USA.
The best lampoon ever written is the “discours de la méthode” de Descartes, against the thinking of
the dark age. It is after reading it that Fermat thought of his proof.

There are examples of intellectual fraud.
One is to talk about a program which gives real time information without being fed.
Another fraud is to talk about a faster computer as if there was a need for that.
The U.S. rule of “politically correct” words is disguised censorship.

Mathematicians of nowadays are not making conjectures as they are interested only in
certainty (prove…prove…prove…).

Does the International Monetary Fund say something against overpopulation ? No, IMF is only
interested in financial variables.

When someone is very sick, “les gens en profitent pour vous embeter”, it is disgusting, such a
I was listed as a spammer, virtual Socrates drinking a virtual poison.
Why I succeed where others failed ? No demanding wife, no wife at all, availability.

Ptolemy had a complicated theory about the sun rotating around the earth.
A wrong theory does not necessarily lack some sophistication.
Some present physical theories are in such a case (about elementary particles).
Philosophy of Science in Practice Society (PSPS) and International Society for Science and Religion
(ISSR) are associations which do not work genuinely toward their stated aims.
A sign of going back to the middle age of Europe is the strength of corporatisms (the importance of
corporations (guilds)).
Tunisian newspapers are not replying, anyway one should not expect anything good from a
community which does not respect the traffic laws (highway code).
“Daech” is a neo-fascism, nothing more, and that it is called the “Islamic State” is nothing good for
Islam .
Presentations of problems are drowned in generalities.
About american people : only people who are in campuses do have brains.
To recognize the smell of a good business is another ability.
The Inquisition in Islam is lasting much more than the catholic Inquisition lasted.
About the dogmatism of the World Bank and the IMF : they think that the growthof the GDP is the
solution of all the problems.
Philosophers will come after me who will prove more thoroughly the existence of the afterlife and its
A soul could be described as something very sophisticated being evolved from a machine of
Turing which reads and writes a finite or an infinite number of symbols.

Let us have a hard discourse : the main part of the good in the world comes from the Western World
and the main part of the evil comes also from the Western World.
From the proof of Fermat last theorem, intuitionism and constructivism are out and formalism is also
out from formalists not being able to findthe proof; remains a latonism which includes a feedback.
Let us go on with the hard discourse : those who have a greater ability to work than the average won
and are taking us in a direction that is not the right one.
They are the lawless supermen of Nietzsche and we are going back to the prehistoric times with the
worship of brutish strength.
The Western World flatters the low instincts of the arab world with an expectancy of a relation of
patronage (clientelism).

The way people think is ridiculous, it is to claim exhaustivity and to forget the one important thing.
People do not act according to the needs.
People seek redundant or slightly different proofs of banalities.
The most interesting idea in communism has a particular case of the non specialization of
intellectuals and the idea was betrayed.
The Western World betrayed its values and is becoming more and more religious and opportunist.
Marxism failed because there were not enough new ideas since the thirties.
Marxism lead to capitalism because there were no breakthrough in the “superstructure”.
Marxism was a kind of “attaturkisation” of Russia and China with some criminality used.
New ideas in sciences are suppressed by publishers such as Springer
(no proofs !).
In the second half of March 2015 I wrote to some newspapers of the
Western World to check that we live in an age of censorship.
A plague of human kind is the opinion that some theory is the end of the road.
Another plague is sectarianism.
United States forget that the first people to leave Europe for America did so because they were
persecuted by the religion.
I think that it is right to talk of a future planetary village.
So, the theory of Samir Amin, of a new center for a new mode of production,
is wrong.
I forgot to write that it is true that technical improvements were developed during the middle age of
Europe and that it is the case in this middle age of the planet in the last 52 years.
A discovery can go a long time unrecognized if it involves more than one field.
I think that most of pure mathematics will be applied in the future through discoveries.
The washing of the brain by advertisings is to be found everywhere.
From my point of view, Kantian philosophy is the lack of rationality and Nietschean philosophy is the
lack of principles.
The head of the Kurt Godel Center in Vienna has a logorrhea representative of the logorrhea of some
contemporary logicians.
States which are lacking money should try to improve the two kinds of recovery rates of fines.
Fermat thought of his proof in 1636 or 1637.
Research has become an industry but also bureaucratic.
There was a finding of bankruptcy of the system to be made.
Tunisia made bad choices about the use of competences.
To talk of solving the energy availability problem by the use of renewable energy is “langue de bois”
(“double talk” is not a good translation of “langue de bois”).
Jean Cavaillés did not live long enough to put more mathematics in philosophy.
The main characteristic of the philosophy of Descartes is not rationality, it
Is doubt.
From the doubt of Descartes : articles of overspecialized journals are piling up without
real advances being made.
Their world may collapse like the USSR did.
My philosophy is presented.
Remains to clear the misunderstandings.
That is a difficult task.
What I mean to say is that there are overdue synthesis because people try to prevent someone from taking the way to them.
You are even agressed verbally if you do not take the well trodden paths.
About the Western World, I mean to say that it is spreading a way of life and is more successful than
for instance the Roman Empire or Islam, but is evil as it is depleting the natural resources.
In 1963, a bad turn was taken by the intellectual life into a dark age of the planet until 2015.
Some countries are developed because such people as Fermat existed.
About the teleportation of elementary particles :
the particle will have much “time” to move without the time at our level being much .
By processus I mean the evolution from a process to a more fitting process.
The Western World is evil because the pollution makes the climate haywire.
By banalities (people seeking to prove banalities) I mean statements which are not doubted.
Beside Plato’s Sky of Ideas, there is the place for spiritual energy and the Mathematical Sky.
A reviewer from Panhellenic Logic Symposium wrote that my article
about Fermat is “strongly rejected” because he missed the point. I
thought he is “un malade mental” and then only “une brute épaisse”.
I wrote to the Program Chairman that he is evil.
The opportunism of this age is disgusting.
People would say nothing as long as there is a risk and then talk too much.
I left the association for symbolic logic 3 years ago because it wants pure logic (for instance Kremer
and Antonelli).
Research in East Europe is still influenced by the bureaucracy of the Soviet Union.
There is an interesting science fiction book by José Philip Farmer, the river of eternity, his other
books are not interesting.
From an idea (about some likeness of algebra and money) of Simone Weil (the philosopher), if
algebra is a basis for capitalism, set theory is a basis for going beyond capitalism.
I write thoughts like Blaise Pascal.
I write mathematics like mathematicians of one century ago.
It is difficult to teach a truth under investigation to students who are not good (not ambitious).
About existentialism, one has to read what Albert Lautman wrote about existence in
May be upsides of Western World technology are things of the past.
Jacques Herbrand said that he wants to be a new Descartes.
Internet is the cathedrals of this Middle Age.
Why there exists a non countable axiom of choice which is not among the right axioms ?
The copy (not clean) in cyber4you was made without my authorization.
Ego sum aeternam finalizes the cogito of Descartes.
Some people say that science is only for material comfort, I say let them be cursed.
In the Christian religion there was the idea that lust is evil. In Islam there was no such an idea, that is
why wifes are not trusted.
Matter is a concentrate of equations with a substrate.
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Exempples of sentences revised for the book :
…western world betrayed its values becomes western world betrayed its values (intellectualism)
…bankrupcy of the system becomes bankrupcy of the system (overspecialization)
…philosophers will come after me who will becomes philosophers will come, after me, who will
Adib Ben Jebara.



from Socrates :
know that you do not know
intellectual childbirth
put aside the sophism
know yourself

US and UK army
officers are seeking money and not glory.
That is why they are not winning wars.
They think that they are paid for
clerical work.

Sigmund Freud
wrote about the sublimation of the sexual instinct
Leonardo Da Vinci
Da Vinci was in love with the lady of the Joconde
that is why he painted so well

People act as if
they think that they
may take their money and their house to the afterlife.

A way to do research

Make a list of
what is doubtful

Think of the
history of that things

Look for a

About the book :

For the first time
in the History of mankind afterlifeis proven to exist in some way.

With afterlife
being no more a matter of faith, thereis a new intellectual horizon.

Beyond the book

:-Alexandre Koyre
wrote that Galileo sent the Earth in the Skies, meaning the
mathematicaltheories of the Skies.From what I understood, that was allowed by
the coming of Jesus Christ,man-god.

I have a doubt
about that point of view because of the existence ofArchimedes about 200
yearsbefore Christ.

-The knowledge of
mathematics is anindicator of the degree of civilization

disciplines intermingling will boostresearch

considering intuition, discussion andresearch are sterilized.

About mathematics
and religion

This text is about
Judaism, Christianity and Islam

.A variable
particular case of a religion is valid.

At its birth, a religion
is valid.In the far future, no religion is valid.In between, a religion could
be valid or not.

However, a part of
the religions is valid.

It is the part
which makes people make good deeds.There is an analogy between the validity of
the axiom of choice and that of a religion.

Besides, in both
cases, the evolution is very slow while people accept or reject the whole

In tunisia in 2012
and 2013 islamists took positionsof responsability high and less high because
half the population wanted them todo so

they are sinking
the economy

islam has become a

the united states
are happy with that as long as they can deplete the natural ressources

Women tendto
worship Money more than men

I was verysick and
almost died because the physician was too much specialized

To say that the
USSR collapsed because of Afghanistan is a proof of the low Intellectual level
of the present American politicians

To say thatTurkey
was right to destroy the Russian plane is a another proof of the
lowIntellectual level of the present American politicians

God isMoney for
many people

When geniusis
missing, another title for the book

anintellectual life dominated by religions,I want to be a “soldier
monk”fighting for renewing with civilization, like Descartes

Goliathsare losers,
we are surrounded by Goliaths

I am
a mathematician
a physicist
a philosopher
a statistician
a qualitician
a novelist
a poet
an historian of


Lowest price

The device for
saving electricity of Nicolas Tesla is a hint that the 20th century
was not rich in
inventions except at its beginning.

I made an
experiment with an electroencephalogram, wild thoughts do not change the brain

A research :


Religion is a
danger for the historico-economical science.

Torture in the
afterlife encourages torture in life itself.

Next, you will not
be able to make any move without the approval of a bureaucrat.

In front of (when
we face) complexity, there are short cuts.

The existence of
short cuts is a consequence of the existence of God.

Muslim is now
synonymous of terrorist. Mr Trump says what others think.

Firewall Alert.
Security Attack Detected.

In the future, punishments will not may be occur in the afterlife but before death.

In Tunisia, half the people are incompetent in their job.
Underdevelopement is because of
such of a phenomenon.

Nowadays, rulers are not wise but

Reminder :
A soul is partly made of thoughts.Thoughts are mathematical waves.Brain waves are something else.Anything mathematical is eternal (“non-perishable”).Thus souls are immortal.Afterlife is for souls, not for bodies.

To know histories helps to find shortcuts.To know where a doubt persists helps to find shortcuts.We often have to be interested in 1963.Until 1963 there was no option for extreme specialization.

The United Nations Organization is
recruiting by ""copinage"" (the french word copain meaning pal), that is why it is not efficient.

Overspecialization is demeaning and deteriorating for the individual
but syndicalists who are syndicalists are dead.

Our age has no cutting edge
Our age is an age of inheritors
Anti-intellectualism : people are not interested in any
idea not obvious

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